Careful selection of grapes in the yineyard, harvesting a high proportion of the crop by hand, and minimal intervention during a wine’s development in the cellar are the key elements of our wine philosophy. Our white wines undergo slow fermentation (also, spontaneous fermentation) in stainless steel tanks or large oak casks and remain on the fine lees for a considerable amount of time. The red wines are vinified in the traditional manner – fermentation on the skins (crushed grapes) – before being aged in oak casks or barriques.

Although some two-thirds of an annual crop ripens enough to qualify in the Prädikat wine range, only a small portion of our wines are actually declared as a Spätlese or Auslese; the majority are marketed as basic quality wines. The finest, selectively harvested Pinots and Silvaners bear the letter “S” (selection) on their label.

Picture-perfect weather in late summer and autumn blessed us with a good harvest in 2011. Completely ripe grapes, dry and sunny weather during the final phase of ripening, as well as lots of manual work by enthusiastic harvest helpers and loyal staff all added up to a wonderful vintage. Taste for yourself!