Viticulture is always a team sport; true craftsmanship, the result of teamwork. Ours is a family-operated wine estate, with all its strengths and weaknesses. Two generations that are committed to wine with a passion. We’re proud of our team members, and we’re united by more than merely a job.

Christoph Hiestand, Diplom-Önologe (graduate oenologist), is the winemaker in the team. With his father, Werner Hiestand, he also bears responsibility as a partner in the estate. Uncompromising when it comes to wine quality; straightforward, with clear principles – a philosophy that shapes his life. Not a man of many words, but his enthusiasm for wine literally bubbles over when he’s tasting wine. The proverbial “generation gap” is history. Father and son make a good team and work well together. J. Werner Hiestand is our “frontman.” He transformed a traditional, mixed family farm into today’s wine estate, where wine is no longer sold in bulk, but only in bottle. He’s an experienced and enthusiastic host at wine tastings and seminars and feels thoroughly “at home” outdoors, when working in the vineyards. “Retirement” is not in his vocabulary, i.e., even when the day comes to officially hand over total responsibility for the estate to his son, he will doubtlessly remain active tending customers and vines. 

Other operations at the family estate are also handled in tandem by two generations. Nora Hiestand, who has just received degrees in business management and business education, and Siglinde Hiestand, a veteran wine journalist, are responsible for marketing. This includes organizing events; creating all sorts of printed materials; and handling offers, inquiries, and bookkeeping. Last but not least: they also ensure that the Stallmann-Hiestand team does not go hungry.

Admittedly, Frieda Hiestand is still very little and young in years, born on 3 November 2011, but she’s already completely integrated into the family business – be it during the harvest, in the kitchen or in the office. She always shows total commitment, sometimes at the expense of breakable items.

Jochen Hiestand is employed full time at the Protestant social welfare association’s workshop for the disabled, ZOAR, in nearby Alzey. In his free time, he takes care of the estate’s various buildings and courtyard. He “swings his broom” with great determination, so much so, that our neighbors created a “golden broom award” to honor his diligence.

Our other children, Anne Hiestand and Björn Eller, are pursuing careers elsewhere. Anne is a social welfare worker. Björn is a financial expert. He and his wife Melanie live in Mexico City at this time.