We’re always pleased with a good harvest, but equally pleased with applause. Here are just a few echoes from the German press. The annual Eichelmann and Gault Millau wine guides are the German wine industry’s “wine bibles”; pepper is an upbeat, weekly calendar of events for readers in the area around Frankfurt am Main.

Excerpt from Eichelmann 2012 – Deutschlands Weine

...Vintage 2010: a few talents have passed the test with flying colors: Stallmann-Hiestand, Winter, Landgraf, Becker-Landgraf, Thörle, Braunewell – to name but a few.

...Werner and Christoph Hiestand’s new 2010 collection is their best ever, and this in a difficult vintage like 2010. Our two favorites, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), are, in fact, from vintage 2009, but nevertheless we praise the 2010 wines for their consistently high level of sophistication as a whole...only a precious few other estates in Rheinhessen can make this claim. Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Grauburgunder show pure fruit, are fresh and crystal clear, as is the Sauvignon Blanc; the Rieslings are clear-cut; the naturally sweet “Geyerscheisser” has great substance.

Excerpt from Gault Millau WeinGuide 2012

Christoph and Werner Hiestand work as a team. They understand one another intuitively, not just sensorially. At this time, Christoph is the man at the helm in the cellar. Since he completed apprenticeships at the Meyer-Näkel (Ahr) and Knipser (Pfalz) estates and his studies at the Geisenheim (Rheingau) viticultural school in 2007, the estate’s wines have borne his signature. And those of vintage 2010 also bear his sovereign touch. Not a single weakling in the collection; instead, luxurious everyday qualities, well-structured Pinots and reds, such as “Unikum”...wines that are authentic and powerful. Investments in a press house as well as stainless steel and maceration tanks have paid off handsomely, as has the hand-in-hand work of two generations. Carry on!

Excerpt from pepper, Rhein-Main-Presse, Wolfgang Blum, October 2011 

...There are some wine estates where you drive into the courtyard and instantly feel at home. Because you see at a glance that everything is authentic. Like the Hiestand estate... Their food and wine menus practically have cult status. By the time guests say goodbye after dessert, many a customer has become a friend. They look forward to helping with the harvest on the weekend...